Meet the top 10 corporations funding far-right lawmakers and their associated PACs at the local, state, and federal levels. These lawmakers are attacking not only abortion rights, but also voting rights, trans rights, health care, social services for working-class people, school curriculums, and more.



  1. Chevron

  2. Altria Group

  3. Anthem

  4. Valero Energy

  5. Centene

  6. Charter Communications

  7. Marathon Petroleum

  8. Occidental Petroleum

  9. Duke Energy

  10. NextEra Energy

  11. UnitedHealth Group

  12. Energy Transfer

  13. Dominion Energy

  14. Show More

Disclaimer: Total dollar amount being shown, are based on direct contributions from the company itself and company affiliated-PAC spending.

What's Being Funded?

Across the country, anti-abortion lawmakers are passing increasingly dangerous abortion bans and restrictions, including criminalizing providers and offering bounties to people who rat out their neighbors or complete strangers seeking abortion care. Corporate America is complicit in these cruel attacks on pregnant people and their loved ones.

A law that bans abortion in Florida – a critical state for abortion access in the region – after 15 weeks, with few exceptions. This restriction is modeled after the 15-week ban in Mississippi on which the Supreme Court is poised to rule this summer.

Key Legislators

Find out which corporations are funding these anti-abortion lawmakers at the state or federal level, either directly, or via company affiliated PACs.

  • Erin Grall
  • Ronn DeSantis
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